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Paleo making it to Dr. OZ

Paleo Diet


Finally a nice segment on Dr. OZ for the Paleo diet/lifestyle. I’m personally glad to see this. Sadly it took Paleo making it to Dr. Oz for the disbelievers in my family and friends circle to finally accept that Paleo is not a crazy harebrained idea. Who knew that Dr. Oz spoke the gospel? Also looking at what I just typed why have I not added Paleo to my Firefox spellchecker, so long I’ve been looking at red squigglies every time I type Paleo o.O.

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Paleo Ebook Bundle Sale

Toadally Primal Wellness Bundle

Great sale for just only a couple more days! 33 Paleo eBooks from 25 different authors for only $39 through January 14th.

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