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Unplug this Summer Break – Reading Flow Chart

Need some help finding something to do besides sitting infront of the tv or computer all day? Teach.com has this great Summer Reading Flowchart Infographic. Head on over to Amazon.com to pick up your books that you find with the Flowchart.

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Paleo making it to Dr. OZ

Paleo Diet


Finally a nice segment on Dr. OZ for the Paleo diet/lifestyle. I’m personally glad to see this. Sadly it took Paleo making it to Dr. Oz for the disbelievers in my family and friends circle to finally accept that Paleo is not a crazy harebrained idea. Who knew that Dr. Oz spoke the gospel? Also looking at what I just typed why have I not added Paleo to my Firefox spellchecker, so long I’ve been looking at red squigglies every time I type Paleo o.O.

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