Paleo Perfection – You Can’t Win them All

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You don’t have to be 100% perfect to be Paleo or reap the benefits of the Paleo lifestyle

The more I delve into the Paleo lifestyle the more I want to envelope every aspect it has to offer. From 100% grass fed and pastured meat and purely organic produce to never using anything with chemicals again. Which face it, being Paleo perfect is not always going to happen and this is something I need to remember. Heck I’ve even moved my pets to gluten free after seeing all the ailments it caused me to have. But I can’t always afford the pastured and grass fed meat or I have to opt for a conventional version of produce, I try to make better choices that just saying forget it all.

The other week I decided after reading  numerous articles about the harmful affects of parabens and aluminum in deodorants that it would be best and very Paleo of me to switch to paraben and aluminum free deodorant. After reading Skintervention I was ready to jump on the natural beauty bandwagon 100% and did so. Not wearing makeup? Count me in. Takes too much time anyway LOL.

But now today I sit here hugging my paraben and aluminum laden deodorant for dear life not wanting to part with it. I tried a store bought aluminum and paraben free enzyme based deodorant even though Skintervention advised to make your own and not do this, what can I say I’m a rebel. Actually no I just didn’t feel like making my own, schools hectic, I’m in the last 4 months of it and I just don’t have time to add making MORE stuff to the list right now.

So paraben and aluminum free I went out into the world when the weather started turning warm. BIG MISTAKE. On top of my pits just didn’t feel like doing anything but laughing at what I was lathering on them and the fact that everything I’ve ever heard from people is that you have an adjustment period where you’re going to stink. Within 4 hours I STANK. I had to carry that stuff with me just to lather more on to get rid of the pit smell (this is very attractive huh?). Not to mention that I had to wear a light jacket or something over my initial shirt or else I would have damp circles.

I tried, I really did, I went through all this for a week. Then? I broke down when I saw my old deodorant on sale at Kroger a 2 pack for $2.88. Yep I put that stuff on that day, it was like a sigh of relief. Maybe once school is over this early fall and the weather starts getting less sweaty I will give it another go and this time I will listen and follow Skintervention and make my own that will have more of an antiperspirant effect.

But after this I felt like a Paleo failure. Here I am trying to make my go at this lifestyle public on a blog and I can’t even get away from chemically laden deoderant.

Then my boss chimed in.  She has decided to go Paleo at the help of one of her friends. She voiced frustration and was about to give up because the friend told her she could not have her A1 sauce anymore. Yes I know, it’s not Paleo. But this was just someone who had only been going for 30 days and was already a VERY picky eater. This A1 crisis was the real stuff, she was going to throw in the towel. She was talking to me about it and I told her just have the A1 /GASP. At this she said to me, you know I should be more like you and look at this realistically.

This made me stop and think, here I was beating myself up because I fail at natural deodorant and someone is thanking me for my imperfections and they’re sticking to Paleo minus 1 little thing. We live in a world of convenience that is full of things that are bad for you. So what if you’re not 100%, if  you’re 90% ore 95% that’s a heck of a lot better than what you started off with. Appreciate and admire the steps you made.

When I started Paleo, I was desperate not to roll over and give up on my health and be miserable for the rest of my life, so I am not going to feel like a failure because I can’t part with something. Who knows maybe one day I’ll find a healthy alternative that does work for me. But for right now I’m just going to enjoy the journey that I’ve made so far.

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