Saturday Free Kindle Paleo Books

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Benefits of Coconut Oil - The healthy fat demystified
Benefits of Coconut Oil – The healthy fat demystified

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Paleo Super Bowl Food Ideas

Paleo Sausage Balls

Need some great Paleo snack food ideas from around the Paleo Websphere for the big game on Sunday?

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Crockpot Apple Pork Tenderloin

Crockpot Apple Pork Tenderloin

Ok so the pics not that good, I’m promising you it tastes much better than it looks!!! One thing I find nerve racking is with a lot of Paleo food, it just won’t photograph right on alot of the meat recipes. Of course it probably doesn’t help that I completely suck at getting food out of a crockpot in a pretty fashion, it’s more of stick two utensils in there, try to grab hold of something and hope for the best. And that kind of gambling gets you a pork tenderloin that looks more like pulled pork.

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Free Cookbooks for the Kindle Paleo and Gluten Free

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The Paleolithic Slow Cooker Cookbook

The Paleolithic Slow Cooker Cookbook: Healthy Gluten Free Recipes Made Easy

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Indulge from Ditch The Wheat is 20% Off

Ditch The Wheat - Indulge

For a limited time get 20% off Indulge from Ditch The Wheat, just use the code HOLIDAYDTW. This cookbook includes 70 yummy Gluten Free dessert recipes that look mouthwatering.

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The Irritants of Paleo Lifestyle

Angry Birds Food

photo courtesy of betinhalm @ Flickr

I’ve got to complain about some things with being Paleo. It is not that I would trade this lifestyle for anything because you just plain feel better with the Paleo diet. But living in the modern world there is just some things that are down right irritating.

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$20 Off Caveman Feast!

Caveman FeastCaveman Feast

Currently there’s a great Flash Sale going on, get $20 off Caveman Feast, which also includes 4 extra bonuses:

  • Abel James’  “Intro to Paleo” eBook and Video
  • The Primal Rockstars eBook
  • A Paleo Pumpkin Thanksgiving eBook
  • Interview with George Bryant and Abel James on “The Fat-Burning Man Show

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Scary Ingredients in Your Food

Chemicals and Additives in your food.

Photo courtesy of wanderingbert

From Antifreeze to stuff from a beavers butt glands the food industry is putting some scary stuff in our foods that are deemed “safe” for us to eat.

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Paleo Ebook Bundle Sale

Toadally Primal Wellness Bundle

Great sale for just only a couple more days! 33 Paleo eBooks from 25 different authors for only $39 through January 14th.

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The Grokkin New Year

Paleo Mimosa

Happy New Year to all! If you want an alternative paleo solution to mimosas well there it is, just be careful and make sure to follow the directions in the order they are in, or you’ll wind up like me with a chemical reaction you never knew existed. Apparently if you pour you champagne in first and then dump your orange juice right  in it fizzes like crazy and you get sticky mimosa everywhere! Yes there was a science experiment that unintendedly (is that even a word?) took place in my kitchen.

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