Why so Judgemental?

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If I offend anyone I’m sorry, but I just had to have a rant on this. Please don’t judge people and be hateful when they are trying to do what is right for them. There are very civil and intelligent ways to speak your mind and express your opinion, being a spiteful and hateful person is not a way to do so and be taken seriously. You just make a bad name and rep for what you are trying to stand for.

I came across a blog post today of a person who was declaring they weren’t vegan anymore and why. The why was due to health reasons, doing an entirely NATURAL thing of listening to their body. A couple of the replies to this blog post just astounded me, there were vegans coming there and bashing this blogger for listening to what the human body needed.

News flash people, the human body is a very complicated organism and what works great for one person might not be so optimal for another. If you are bashing yourself because you body is SCREAMING at you to give it what it needs then by god, by all means give your body what it wants.

Not trying to offend any vegans or vegetarians, because I get what you do, I was there once, and guess what it didn’t work for me. The result was a host of health problems that made me miserable. I had to make the decision to change against how I feel and I now try to go and support local farms that raise their animals to see sunlight and run around in a big pasture for their entire life instead of being confined to a cage and abused.

But these responses are why there is a shocking social reaction when someone says “I’m vegan”. Even when I hear it from somebody it just seems to flash “Tread Lightly” in my head and here is why. These are quotes from some of the replies:

“what you call your honesty is a betrayal, and a lack of self control, and more than anything else, ignorance…..You Alex are just a weak weak embarrassing person, a sellout to make it easier to get more people to join you…you not only make vegans look bad, but you make humans look bad”

My response to this one? No you sir make vegans look bad, not Alex.

“No moral vegan turns their back on animals….Good luck feeding the colon cancer, heart disease, or whatever else could lead you to a long and painful departure from this world. -One can only hope it’s half the experience of the innocent animals on your plate.

“Learn something about nutrition”  Wow, please learn something about nutrition and the food system as a whole yourself, there are humane ways to eat animal products, just because you’re no longer vegan doesn’t mean you have to support the CAFO system and you can support letting animals live in their natural environment, or that you are going to be subject to debilitating diseases. I’m pretty sure anyone coming from being a vegan will research what they eat and will try to do so with animals well-being being of the utmost importance.

I just hope that these few people who can’t open there minds don’t make this an even more miserable process, from the blog you can see that this was something that took a long time to come to the conclusion of and please let the positive responses lead you down the path that is right for you mind, body and soul.

3 Thoughts on “Why so Judgemental?

  1. I agree that many of the vegan responses lack tact. I’m a vegan. I think I have tactful. However, I am disappointed by Alex’s decision. I think part of the problem is the fact that she was vegan for health reasons from the start and the use and welfare of the animals was always an aside.

    I take issue with something you say, which is implied if not mentioned explicitly in Alex’s piece:

    “…The why was due to health reasons, doing an entirely NATURAL thing of listening to their body.” This is a tricky position to defend logically. What if we felt it natural to kill and eat human flesh to satisfy some bodily craving? Would it be morally permissible on the basis that it is our natural imperative? Please lend me to your thoughts.

    • In my opinion if we felt that it was a natural thing to be cannibal, which some cultures have before, it would be as it was in those societies an entirely normal act that no one would lend a second thought too until someone from out side came in and went “whoa what are you doing you savages” and this has happened. Society and morals tend to go hand in hand with what the masses believe. Listening to what your body is saying it needs is natural, that is nature at it’s finest, and is what everything on this planet has survived on, it is only we as humans that put questions to what nature is trying to tell us, which I’m not saying is wrong, just stop hating because someone did what evolution intended their particular body to do.

  2. Thanks for your response. I, too, am troubled by what I saw in the comments section. Sure be disappointed in her decision and even skeptical but once the name-calling and judgment start know that a line has been crossed from compassion to hate.

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