Favorite Kitchen Accesories: The Mason Jar Wine Glass

I love finding other foodies on the internet, being a Paleo foodie is not a requirement. And the funniest by far is My Drunk Kitchen. If you have not watched My Drunk Kitchen you are missing out, go over to YouTube right now and start watching at episode 1 (there is cursing, just be warned).

So today while I was supposed to be studying Electric Field Physics ( <sarcasm>Jealous aren’t you? You’re missing out just so you know, its sooooo interesting</sarcasm>). And since it was sooooo interesting I got distracted by Facebook and saw My Drunk Kitchen had a new video, as much as it hurt me to pull myself away from the homework at hand I reluctantly watched it.

Now this episode was Tuna Melt and the drink of choice was Champagne, and the glass of choice was the most AWSOME thing I had ever laid my eyes on the Mason Jar Wine Glass, or aka
The Original RedNek Wine Glass

mason jar wine glass

So if you are like me and also need to get ahold of these after seeing that I found them over at Wine Enthusiast you can find it by clicking here or by clicking on the image up above.

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