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My Humbling Modified Attempt at CrossFit

Modified Crossfit WOD

Up above was my attempt at getting my feet wet in CrossFit workouts. Seeing as how due to a broken leg I’ve been out of commission for exercise for the last 2 1/2 months and my leg is still healing I scoured workouts to find something that I could do that would not put too much stress on my leg. I’ve been given the green light for light weight not so deep squats so I figured something to incorporate squats would be good.

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The Great Thing about Workout Logs

After a nice 5 days off of work, I have to go back. It’s a sad, sad day. 5 days of sitting around the house, cooking and working on homework and the site, it was glorious.

I do have a nice yummy clean eating pumpkin oat muffin recipe that I will put up later today. Along with some stuffed zucchini boats and another overnight refrigerator oats recipe that will follow probably over the weekend. Not much cooking planned for the weekend, I have to work Saturday (they’re killing me I’m tellin ya) and then it’s a football Sunday!

Also I’ve begun writing down my workouts which will start to come up in posts now. I’ve found that this seems to help make me want to do more, push harder, and try to achieve that final rep with the weights. Seriously if you want to find a bit more of an edge keeping a little notebook with you is a great tool. At first I didn’t want to do it due to being “that girl” at the gym that didn’t want to try to stand out too much, but I noticed most of the guys going in there had a notebook with them, so I trudged in this morning with mine trying to fit in more :D.


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