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Lazy Paleo Chocolate Mug Cake

Paleo Chocolate Mug Cake

So sitting around the house last weekend I REAAAAAAALY needed cake, it sucked, I hate when I want stuff like that, but luckily I found something that took care of that craving and the best thing is, this is one Lazy Paleo Mug Cake. I’m on a role with Lazy recipes, maybe I should make that my niche, Lazy Paleo. Sounds good lol. This is what happens when you take a person who absolutely hated cooking and turn them Paleo (which also in turn helped with the liking to cook part, but I still have my moments), we will still manage to find fast alternatives.

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It’s the weekend!!!!! Long weekend at that…..yayness. Lots of plans for the blog over the weekend, I’m an exciting person I know.  Going to be making the site a bit better, so as warned earlier this week if things start looking crazy, I’m just trying to figure out what I’m doing. But hey it’s ok, I’ve got my trusty For Dummies Book
,  so there shouldn’t be too much crazyness, or if there is hopefully they have a chapter on that! Also have some yummy clean eating pumpkin muffinish looking thingies that I’m going to attempt. I say muffinish looking because my baking might taste good but it doesn’t always look as intended. Also going to try out some clean eating avocado chocolate mouse, we’ll see how that goes, feel good that I’m putting myself on the front lines and being a guniea pig all for you! However the bf will be over for dinner on Monday, so I might sacrifice him for the front lines instead, he’s always up for taking one for the team, or at least he says so LOL.

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There’s an About Me Page


Yeah I was slow going on that one. I’m trying to make this whole blog more personal. More work to be done on the loooooong holiday weekend. So if things start looking a bit crazy, like going all over the page and errors galore, RELAX! it’s just me having no clue what I’m doing! Yay! right?

So anyways, here’s the plan. I want this to be more of a personal fitness/foodie/cleanstuff/maybe some Paleo thrown in there too instead of …….here’s an article….. that’s boring me too.  More to come!

10 Fitness Myths

MYTH #1: The best way to lose weight is to drastically cut calories – When we eat too little, our body believes that it’s starving so our metabolism slows down and holds onto fat as a potential energy source.

MYTH #2: Heavy weights will bulk you up – “This just isn’t possible for most women,” says personal trainer and Prevention contributing editor Chris Freytag. “Ladies have too much estrogen in their hormone makeup. Yes, heavier weights build muscle and strength, but most of us women aren’t lifting anything so heavy that we are at risk for building man muscles.”

MYTH #3: Keep your heart rate in the fat-burning zone - “The fat-burning zone is a complete myth,” says Wayne Westcott, PhD, Prevention advisory board member and fitness research director at Quincy College. “While it’s true that you burn a higher percentage of fat calories when exercising at a moderate pace, you burn fewer calories overall.”

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Calorie Comparison of fruit vs. sugar free

Fast Food Parking Lot

fast food parking lot