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The Paleo Transition

Paleo Breakfast - Bacon and EggsOk lesson one on blogging for folks like me who are learning. Make sure you navigate around in your admin a lot and copy your text before hitting the save draft button, because apparently it might act like you’re logged in but hit save and “oh you’re not logged in, please log in, oh look at that where oh where did all you’re words go?”  Guess I need to start looking into getting Windows Live Writer that was mentioned over at

Soooo anyways back to the topic at hand instead of my WordPress rant of the day, the Paleo Transition is still ongoing, it’s easier than I thought because come to find out all that grainy stuff did make me feel crappy. But I feel so awkward. After following a clean eating lifestyle I just feel dirty with some of the things the Paleo Diet allows. The other night the BF takes my bum butt out to Applebee’s (and I say bum because I’m still  hobbling around on crutches) and I got the sirloin with veggies and a baked potato w/ butter, instead of eating the baked potato I took the butter that came with it and dumped it on my veggies, which by the way tasted absolutely amazing, but I found I felt the need to look around and make sure I wasn’t getting stared at for doing this. It’s funny that I feel society will frown on me LOL. Read More

I think I’m falling apart, the force to Paleo/Primal

So I fell off the blogging wagon due to a knee injury and the lovely pain pills they’ve had me on for that. Due to Cavemanrunning I apparently flared up Plica Syndrome. I won’t know the extent of what needs to be done until the 20th when I go see an orthopedic surgeon. Also along the path of doctors this week my gyno found that my thyroid is enlarged and also due to PCOS has told me I need to go Paleo/Primal. Soooooo Clean-Eatz will be more towards Paleo/Primal recipes, which are still clean eating but just minus the grains. Yes I know Paleo/Primal is also supposed to be minus the dairy, but one thing I like about Paleo/Primal is it is do as your body allows and eat what makes you function the best. So far 2 days of this “Caveman” diet and I have lost 1lb. All I can say is that is much better than I’ve been able to achieve in a months worth of time, might just have to give my doctor a hug for being so open minded and actually reading about nutrition.


More to come a bit later, right now I’ll be reading my book The Primal Blueprint
and off to work for a half day since sitting at the desk in the chair is killing my leg.