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Paleo making it to Dr. OZ

Paleo Diet


Finally a nice segment on Dr. OZ for the Paleo diet/lifestyle. I’m personally glad to see this. Sadly it took Paleo making it to Dr. Oz for the disbelievers in my family and friends circle to finally accept that Paleo is not a crazy harebrained idea. Who knew that Dr. Oz spoke the gospel? Also looking at what I just typed why have I not added Paleo to my Firefox spellchecker, so long I’ve been looking at red squigglies every time I type Paleo o.O.

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Lazy Paleo Chocolate Mug Cake

Paleo Chocolate Mug Cake

So sitting around the house last weekend I REAAAAAAALY needed cake, it sucked, I hate when I want stuff like that, but luckily I found something that took care of that craving and the best thing is, this is one Lazy Paleo Mug Cake. I’m on a role with Lazy recipes, maybe I should make that my niche, Lazy Paleo. Sounds good lol. This is what happens when you take a person who absolutely hated cooking and turn them Paleo (which also in turn helped with the liking to cook part, but I still have my moments), we will still manage to find fast alternatives.

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Story of an Egg Video

Watch 2013 Festival | The Story of an Egg on PBS. See more from PBS Online Film Festival.

Great video getting to the bottom of what Free Range, Cage Free and Pasture Raised all mean for eggs

Lazy Recipe: Paleo Pigs in a Double Blanket

Paleo Pigs in a Double Blanket

Paleo Pigs in a Blanket? Well Bacon Blanket, more like Double Wrapped Bacon Blanket. So I was trying to do a smoothie recipe and was thinking “I’ll be different!!! Kale instead of spinach!” Let me tell you something, there’s a reason everyone uses spinach in a blender. Kale in a blender? Well lets just say it was a gritty smoothie #experimentfailed.

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Lazy Crockpot Bone Broth

Mug of Bone Broth

Ok so I’m lazy when it comes to cooking sometimes…. well a lot of times. But I have a lot to do and waiting on a stove bone broth just isn’t my cup of tea. So let me introduce to you the leave it and forget it Lazy Bone Broth.

But first just incase you’re curious how about what good is it to make this stuff, the short short version. Once again this is a Lazy recipe so I’m not going to make you read a ton, but links from sources are below incase you feel like the long, long version.

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Saturday Free Kindle Paleo Books

These free offers are limited time so make sure to check before clicking the buy button to see if it’s still free.

Benefits of Coconut Oil - The healthy fat demystified
Benefits of Coconut Oil – The healthy fat demystified

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Paleo Super Bowl Food Ideas

Paleo Sausage Balls

Need some great Paleo snack food ideas from around the Paleo Websphere for the big game on Sunday?

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Paleo Ebook Bundle Sale

Toadally Primal Wellness Bundle

Great sale for just only a couple more days! 33 Paleo eBooks from 25 different authors for only $39 through January 14th.

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The Grokkin New Year

Paleo Mimosa

Happy New Year to all! If you want an alternative paleo solution to mimosas well there it is, just be careful and make sure to follow the directions in the order they are in, or you’ll wind up like me with a chemical reaction you never knew existed. Apparently if you pour you champagne in first and then dump your orange juice right  in it fizzes like crazy and you get sticky mimosa everywhere! Yes there was a science experiment that unintendedly (is that even a word?) took place in my kitchen.

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Paleo Mint Chocolate Almond Butter Fudge

Paleo Peppermint Fudge

Fudge will make any holiday get together good, and with this I finally got to try out my Silicone Bakeware. For this recipe I used a Silicone Loaf Panand it was the perfect size to use for the amount of fudge in the recipe.

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