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Paleo Perfection – You Can’t Win them All

Sunset in the Keys

Photo courtesy of State Library and Archives of Florida on Flickr

You don’t have to be 100% perfect to be Paleo or reap the benefits of the Paleo lifestyle

The more I delve into the Paleo lifestyle the more I want to envelope every aspect it has to offer. From 100% grass fed and pastured meat and purely organic produce to never using anything with chemicals again. Which face it, being Paleo perfect is not always going to happen and this is something I need to remember. Heck I’ve even moved my pets to gluten free after seeing all the ailments it caused me to have. But I can’t always afford the pastured and grass fed meat or I have to opt for a conventional version of produce, I try to make better choices that just saying forget it all.

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Why so Judgemental?

Peace Sign

If I offend anyone I’m sorry, but I just had to have a rant on this. Please don’t judge people and be hateful when they are trying to do what is right for them. There are very civil and intelligent ways to speak your mind and express your opinion, being a spiteful and hateful person is not a way to do so and be taken seriously. You just make a bad name and rep for what you are trying to stand for.

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The Irritants of Paleo Lifestyle

Angry Birds Food

photo courtesy of betinhalm @ Flickr

I’ve got to complain about some things with being Paleo. It is not that I would trade this lifestyle for anything because you just plain feel better with the Paleo diet. But living in the modern world there is just some things that are down right irritating.

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The Anti Scale Challenge

After the ordeal of feasting for Thanksgiving I found myself up in numbers on the scale. Yes I diverted from the Paleo path and gave into those “come on just one bite won’t hurt” comments from friends, family  and coworkers. Let me tell you something……… IT DOES TO HURT!!!!!! 6lbs hurt. That’s alot of mental anguish.

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My Humbling Modified Attempt at CrossFit

Modified Crossfit WOD

Up above was my attempt at getting my feet wet in CrossFit workouts. Seeing as how due to a broken leg I’ve been out of commission for exercise for the last 2 1/2 months and my leg is still healing I scoured workouts to find something that I could do that would not put too much stress on my leg. I’ve been given the green light for light weight not so deep squats so I figured something to incorporate squats would be good.

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Pumpkin time, Soy in my tea??? What the what!!!???

Pumpkin Scented

Soy seems to be in everything these days, and being with PCOS, having a slightly sluggish thyroid and on the paleo diet I am supposed to stay clear of soy due to GMOs and the fact that soy isoflavones, mimic estrogen in the body, and also the soy isoflovones inhibit the thyroid production of T3 and T4 along with a bunch of other nasty stuff.So pretty much that just all spells bad for me. But I’m finding soy in so much stuff, even my tea!!!!! That’s right ingredients on some of my tea bags, this stuff isn’t prebrewed bottled tea, nope just the teabags that you get in the box.`

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I think I’m falling apart, the force to Paleo/Primal

So I fell off the blogging wagon due to a knee injury and the lovely pain pills they’ve had me on for that. Due to Cavemanrunning I apparently flared up Plica Syndrome. I won’t know the extent of what needs to be done until the 20th when I go see an orthopedic surgeon. Also along the path of doctors this week my gyno found that my thyroid is enlarged and also due to PCOS has told me I need to go Paleo/Primal. Soooooo Clean-Eatz will be more towards Paleo/Primal recipes, which are still clean eating but just minus the grains. Yes I know Paleo/Primal is also supposed to be minus the dairy, but one thing I like about Paleo/Primal is it is do as your body allows and eat what makes you function the best. So far 2 days of this “Caveman” diet and I have lost 1lb. All I can say is that is much better than I’ve been able to achieve in a months worth of time, might just have to give my doctor a hug for being so open minded and actually reading about nutrition.


More to come a bit later, right now I’ll be reading my book The Primal Blueprint
and off to work for a half day since sitting at the desk in the chair is killing my leg.

MyFitnessPal Rant

My Fitness Pal

That picture right up there, makes me all >.< (that’s steam coming out of my ears for those who are not up and up with interwebz speak). I tried MyFitnessPal, I thought all the hype and people praising it would be something I would be able to use for awhile to help with my eating clean journey. But that up there is my first day, probably about 2 months ago. Now at this time that was not trying to fit within MyFitnessPal guidelines, because 1880 calories a day??????? My stomach is just grumbling looking at that number (I eat……alot). I ate what I normally eat during the day while following The Eat Clean Diet

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